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Alright, another shift of the command bezel allows for the quick hour jump, and this is essential for both the Sky-Dweller and the GMT - the GMT has the same function as well - on the crown, this helps allow it to track the secondary time zone.

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" There was no signal from the plane's emergency locator transmitter designed to be automatically activated in the event of a crash, but it was of an older type notorious for failing to operate after a crash.

It was first thought that Fossett may have also been wearing a Breitling Emergency watch with a manually operated ELT that had a range of up to 90 miles, but no signal was received from it, and on September 13, Fossett's wife, Peggy, issued a statement clarifying that he owns such a watch, but was not wearing it when he took off for the Labor Day flight.

Fossett took off with enough fuel for four to five hours of flight, according to spokesperson Major Cynthia S.

Ryan, Public Information Officer with the Civil Air Patrol.

Searchers with CAP were told that Fossett had gone out for a short flight over favorite territory, possibly including the areas of Lucky Boy Pass and Walker Lake.

At one point it was suggested that he might have been out scouting for potential sites to conduct best imitation watches a planned land speed run.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson noted that Fossett apparently did not file a flight plan, and was not required to do so.

On the second day, Civil Air Patrol aircraft searched but found no trace of wreckage after initiating a complex and expanding search of what would later evolve into a nearly 20,000 square miles area of some of the most rugged terrain in North America.

The search presented a severe challenge from the standpoint of safely flying hundreds of hours in very difficult conditions.

On the first day of CAP searching, operations were suspended by mid-day due to high winds, according to Ryan.

By the fourth day, the CAP was using fourteen aircraft in the search effort, including one equipped with the ARCHER system that could automatically scan detailed imaging for a given signature of the missing aircraft.

By September 10, search crews had found eight previously uncharted crash sites, some of which were decades old, but none related to Fossett's disappearance.

The urgency of what was still regarded as a rescue mission meant that minimal immediate effort was made to identify the aircraft in the uncharted crash sites, although some had speculated that one could have belonged to Charles Clifford Ogle, missing since 1964.

All told, about two dozen aircraft were involved in the massive search, operating from the primary search base at Minden,

Nevada, with a secondary search base located at Bishop, California.

CAP searchers came from Wings across the United States, including Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, fake Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.

On September 7, Google Inc.

helped the search for the aviator through its connections to contractors that provide satellite imagery for its Google Earth software.